I am able to teach classes in many different settings.  I have hosted classes at conservation clubs, private homes, and at gun shops.  All I need is a place to teach and a safe place to do the shooting part of the courses.  I just need a certain amount of people to cover the cost of my materials and time.  The most I will ever do for a class is 15 students.  With anymore students I feel the quality of instruction will go down.

If a very small group wanted a private class that can be arranged.  I will have to make an adjustment to my fee.  If you would like to host a class and can provide a safe place to do the shooting courses I always workout a special price for the host.  If I feel your trying to help me out, I will do the same for you! 

I feel the one thing that might make me different from other instructors is that I can work with anyone.  I host all female CPL classes and the ladies always seem to enjoy themselves.  My patience level is very high.  You will never hear me yell or belittle someone in front of the group.  I try to maintain the highest level of professionalism while teaching any of my classes.





CPL- 8 hour classes which you need to provide before applying for your Michigan Concealed Pistol License. You have to have 100 rounds of ammo, holster, eye and  ear protection.  The cost of the class $115.

Advanced CPL-  3 hour class which continues from your inital CPL class.  You will shoot from your holster, cover, etc.  You need to provide 100 rounds of ammo, strong side holster, eye and ear protection.  The cost of the class $50

Basic Shooting- 3 hour class that is for a new shooter with no or limited experience with firearms.   You don't need a firearm for this class.  All you need to have is eye and ear protection.  The cost of the class $50.

If you don't have a handgun for my CPL classes let me know.  I have a few handguns you can borrow.  You just have to buy the ammo.

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